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Natalie Miczikus is a mixed media artist living in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania with a background in painting, printmaking, woodworking, ceramics, and installation. Born in Erie, Pennsylvania, Natalie received her BFA from Edinboro University in 2017 and most recently, received her MFA from Miami University of Ohio in 2021. Her work has been shown at the Erie Art Museum, Cincinnati Contemporary Arts Center, and in various galleries in Northwest, PA.

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My work is inspired by old family photography, coded symbolism, and my experience as a queer woman. Utilizing various media and tradition, both painting and historical frameworks, I decipher this complicated archive as I continue to understand myself through a new lens. 
With these works, I aim to create moments of pressure and consolation; shedding light on the fabricated expectations of gender in society and the reality of expansive identities that exceed traditional limitations.

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